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An Introduction to Kant's Critique of Judgement

Douglas Burnham

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Kant's third Critique, the Critique of Judgement, is regarded as one of the most influential books in the history of aesthetics. This book is designed as a reader's guide for students trying to work their way, step-by-step, through Kant's text. It is also a guide to the text-in-context in that it sets Kant's concepts, language and aims in the context of Kant's philosophy in general and the late eighteenth century.

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About the Author

Douglas Burnham is Professor of Philosophy at Staffordshire University and author of An Introduction to Kant's Critique of Judgement (Edinburgh University Press, 2000).


[Burnham] manages, with great economy, to address every major topic in the Critique of Judgment and masterfully integrates these many different strands into a balanced, coherent account of Kant's book.

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