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An Introduction to Islamic Philosophy

Massimo Campanini
Translated by Caroline Higgitt

Hardback i (Printed to Order)

This broad and comprehensive introduction presents a reading of Islamic philosophy as it evolved in the Middle Ages, investigating how Islamic philosophers thought and what they thought about.

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A Note on the Translation
Part One: Finding a Paradigm
Chapter 1: History
Chapter 2: What is Medieval Islamic Philosophy?
Chapter 3: Ways of Philosophising
Part Two: Thought and Action: Some Major Themes in Islamic Philosophy
Chapter 4: Tawhid, Pillar of Islamic Thought
Chapter 5: The Structure of the Cosmos
Chapter 6: The Human Intellect
Chapter 7: Necessity or Freedom in Divine Action
Chapter 8: Ethics and Politics

About the Author

Massimo Campanini is Professor of Arabic Culture at the University of Milan. His publications include The Theory of Socialism in Egypt (1987), Islam and Politics (1999) and The Virtuous City of al-Farabi (1996).