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An Introduction to Gaelic Fiction

Moray Watson

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The first guide to Gaelic fiction – covering the full expanse of the canon

Tracing the history of Gaelic fiction over the last century, Moray Watson looks at the work of well-known authors such as Iain Moireach, Tormod Caimbeul and Iain Mac a' Ghobhainn, as well as lesser-known authors, and focuses on the major developments that have led to the recent flourishing in Gaelic fiction publishing. Watson examines novels and novellas from Dùn-Aluinn to Dìleas Donn and Shrapnel, alongside short story collections, uncollected fiction and short fiction from magazines such as Gairm. The final chapters focus on the current state of criticism of Gaelic fiction and discuss the most recent initiatives that have sustained the viability of fiction in the Gaelic language.

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Chapter 1 - The Origin of Gaelic Fiction
Chapter 2 - The Early Novels
Chapter 3 - Periodical Fiction: 1952 to the Present Day
Chapter 4 - The Second Wave of Novels
Chapter 5 - Collected Stories
Chapter 6 - Contemporary Fiction

About the Author

Moray Watson is Programme Co-ordinator of the Celtic Department at the University of Aberdeen.


It is attractively written, without jargon or modish theorising, and I commend it to anyone with an interest in the topic, whether with a reader’s or writer’s commitment to Gaelic fiction or simply an outsider’s interest from the sidelines.

- Ian MacDonald, Scottish Gaelic Studies