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An Introduction to English Syntax

Jim Miller

Edition: 2

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REVIEW FROM PREVIOUS EDITION: 'A slim and useful student textbook for English Syntax. Although most of the examples are from English, the book introduces general concepts which provide the necessary tools for a basic syntactic analysis of any language. The book concentrates on topics that will remain useful to the student who does not go on to study linguistics but, say, literature or EFL teaching.' - The Year's Work in English Studies

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1. Heads and modifiers
2. Constituent structure
3. Constructions
4. Word classes
5. The Lexicon
6. Clauses and sentences
7. Clauses main and subordinate
8. Clauses finite and non-finite
9. Grammatical functions
10. Syntactic linkage
11. Heads and modifiers revisited
12. Roles
13. Clauses, sentences and text
14. Grammar and semantics: aspect, tense, voice
Discussion of the exercises
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About the Author

Jim Miller is Emeritus Professor at the University of Edinburgh, where he had a personal chair in Linguistics and Spoken Language. He works on the syntax and discourse organisation of spoken and written language, grammar and semantics, standard and non-standard languages, and literacy.


'A second, extended, edition has appeared of Jim Miller’s An Introduction toEnglish Syntax, which offers a clear and concise introduction to its topic.[...]As in the first edition, this second edition contains useful exercises at the end of each chapter, as well as a discussion of the exercises at the end of the book.'
- Year's Work in English Studies

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