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An Introduction to English Sociolinguistics

Graeme Trousdale

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This textbook, aimed primarily at beginning undergraduates studying for degrees in English, provides an introduction to a range of sociolinguistic theories and the insights they provide for a greater understanding of varieties of English, past and present. Drawing on both qualitative and quantitative approaches to sociolinguistic variation, the book provides a systematic overview of such topics as:

  • 'English' as a social and as a linguistic concept
  • The relationship between regional and social dialectology, and their application to the study of English
  • English historical sociolinguistics, from Old English to late Modern English
  • Sociolinguistics and change in English
  • Outcomes of contact involving varieties of English
  • English and language planning
  • English, sociolinguistics and linguistic theory.

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1. Do you speak English?
2. English-speaking communities
3. English as an act of identity
4. Regional and social variation in English
5. Change in English
6. Contact
7. English historical sociolinguistics
8. Sociolinguistics and the structure of English.

About the Author

Graeme Trousdale is a Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh.

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