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An Introduction to English Phonetics

Richard Ogden

Edition: 2

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An introduction to the phonetic description of spoken English

The second edition of this distinguished textbook introduces undergraduates to the concepts, terminology and representations needed for an understanding of how English is pronounced around the world.

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List of figures and tables
1 Introduction to phonetics
2 Overview of the human speech mechanism
3 Representing the sounds of speech
4 The larynx, voicing and voice quality
5 Vowels
6 Approximants
7 Plosives
8 Fricatives
9 Nasals
10 Glottalic and velaric airstreams
11 Sounds and structures
12 Conclusion
Discussion of the exercises
Further reading

About the Author

Richard Ogden is a Reader in the Department of Language and Linguistics Science at the University of York, where he has taught phonetics since 1995. He has worked on speech synthesis, non-segmental phonology, and in more recent years on the phonetics of conversation. Among other things, he has worked on turn-taking in Finnish, agreements and disagreements in English, and Firthian phonology. His major research interests lie in how phonetic detail signals meaning of all kinds. He is also Adjunct Professor in the Department of Phonetics at the University of Helsinki.

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