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An Alternative Internet

Radical Media, Politics and Creativity

Chris Atton

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This book explores how the Internet presents radical ways of organising and producing media that offer political and cultural alternatives, both to ways of doing business and to how we understand the world and our place in it. The book is characterised by in-depth case studies. Topics include the media of new social movements and other radical political organisations (including the far right); websites produced by fans of popular culture; and media dedicated to developing a critical, 'public' journalism. It locates these studies in appropriate theoretical and historical contexts, while remaining accessible to a student audience.

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1. The Internet, Power and Transgression
2. Radical Online Journalism
3. Far-Right Media on the Internet: Culture, Discourse and Power
4. Radical Creativity and Distribution: Sampling, Copyright and P2P
5. Alternative Radio and the Internet
6. Fan Culture and the Internet

About the Author

Chris Atton is Reader in Journalism at the School of Communication Arts, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland. He is the author of Alternative Literature (Gower, 1996) and Alternative Media (Sage, 2002) and the editor of special issues on alternative media for the leading international journals Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism and Media, Culture and Society.


Atton's book gives a good background to types of alternative media while relying on a solid knowledge of contemporary Internet theory... A detailed and articulate reading of Internet usage.
- Paul Booth, Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies