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An African Niche Economy

Farming to Feed Ibadan

Jane L Guyer

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Of the several forces reshaping West African rural societies and economies in the post-colonial period, one of the most pervasive is the rapid growth of urban demand. This book studies a Yoruba community in the supply hinterland of Ibadan over twenty years. It tells the social and agricultural history of its various producers, from the Nigerian civil war, via the oil boom and bust, to structural adjustment. It argues that principles of occupational organisation inherited from the past are now being applied to the creation of a competitive and responsive regional market that promises to be one of the most important social forms in West Africa's future.


Her study provides great detail on one areacaught up in the highly complex challenges involved in this phase of rapidchange.
- Christopher Cramer, University of London
That said, at this point in time, the importance of this work as a potential Deleuzian line of flight within film studies cannot be stressed enough."

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