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American Space/American Place

Geographies of the Contemporary United States

Edited by John Agnew, Jonathan M. Smith

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This book offers geographical perspectives on the condition of the United States at the outset of the twenty-first century. It compares the American ideals of liberty, equality, individual opportunity, and social improvement with the contemporary condition of the regions, states and localities - the ideal American space with its reality as a place. It uses the public standard provided by the official ideology of the United States to see how well things are really going.

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1. Introduction, John Agnew
Part I: Environmental Ideals and Realities
2. The Place of Nature in America, Jonathan Smith
3. The Place of Value in the United States, Jonathan Smith
Part II: Political-Economic Dimensions of the American Experience
4. America, Frontier, Nation: From Abstract Space to Wordly Place, John Agnew and Joanne Sharp
5. Local Territories of U.S. Government: From Ideals to Politics of Place and Scale, Andrew E. G. Jonas
6. Urban and Regional Restructuring in the United States in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century, David L. Rigby
Part III: Social-Cultural Dimensions of Americanness
7. '...with liberty and justice for all': Negotiating Freedom and Fairness in the American Income Distribution, Janet E. Kodras
8. A New Geography of Identity? Race, Ethnicity, and American Citizenship, Benjamin Forest
9. Landscape, Aesthetics, and Power, James S. Duncan and David R. Lambert
10. Mediascapes, Paul Adams
11. American Geographical Ironies: A Conclusion, Jonathan M. Smith.

About the Author

John Agnew is Professor in the Department of Geography, University of California, Los Angeles


It is very clear, covers a lot of ground without any pretence of all-inclusiveness and fills an important gap in the literature for those of us who teach about the United States regularly.

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