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American Politics in Hollywood Film

Ian Scott

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The 'political' film in Hollywood is a boom industry. This is the first book to investigate Hollywood's treatment of American politics, politicians and political institutions. The author explores the influence - through creative, ideological and financial means - that Hollywood has on politics, and vice-versa. Key questions of agenda setting are addressed, as are the value-oriented frames of reference that Hollywood has helped shape in educating and directing the American public about politics and democracy.

The book is structured thematically, introducing sub-genres of election films, political biographies, action, adventure and thriller films. There is an overarching chronological pattern, beginning in the 1930s and ending in the 1990s. This allows the reader to trace the progression of the genre.

With the focus on mainstream films - including The American President, Washington-Merry-Go-Round, Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Wag the Dog, Primary Colors, The Manchurian Candidate, Dr Strangelove, JFK, Nixon and Bulworth - and the careful use of theory, this book will be an ideal text for any reader with an interest in this fascinating area of Hollywood film.

About the Author

Dr Ian Scott is Senior Lecturer in American Studies at the University of Manchester.


This exceptionally interesting study adds significantly to the existing body of work in both the fields of film studies and politics ... as a whole the book is thoroughly engaging from start to finish. It is very readable and entertaining as the author displays his obvious passion for the subject matter.
- American Studies Today