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American Grand Strategy under Obama

Competing Discourses

Georg Löfflmann

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A revisionary account of the challenges posed to America’s global primacy by competing visions of grand strategy

This book explores how rivalling discourses of American grand strategy reveal a fractured consensus of geopolitical identity and national security under President Obama. This conflict manifested in divergent elite visions of liberal hegemony, cooperative engagement and unilateral restraint.

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List of Tables and Illustrations
1. Introduction
2. Reimagining grand strategy
3. Filming hegemony: Hollywood and the Manichean script of geopolitics
4. Competing visions for America on the New York Times best sellers list
5. The American grand strategy debate in International Relations
6. Think tanks and the Washington consensus on hegemony
7. Strategic vision: National security and the geopolitics of military pre-eminence
8. The ‘Obama Doctrine’ – Vision for Change?
9. Conclusion
10. List of abbreviations
11. Appendix
12. Bibliography.

About the Author

Georg Löfflmann is Teaching Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. He has published in the journals Geopolitics and Critical Studies on Security. His first monograph was published in German: German Security Policy between Multilateralisms and Reticence – The Mission of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan (Diplomica, 2008).


Löfflmann’s sophisticated analysis brings together a wealth of empirical material with a theoretical framework that is persuasive and insightful. As a study of how to study grand strategy, it is unmatched. In the forest of materials on the inner workings of American political culture, it stands tall.

- Stuart Croft, University of Warwick

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