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Destiny and Myth

Claude Mossé


Between becoming king of Macedonia in 336 BC and his death in 323, Alexander the Great conquered not only the Greek city states but also Persia and as far east as the Punjab in India, as far south as Egypt. Claude Mossé describes the progress of Alexander's career in the first part of her book, while the second examines the effects of his conquests on the history of the ancient, medieval and modern world.

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'Some more talk of Alexander'
Paul Cartledge
Part I: The Major Stages Of Alexander's Reign
1. The Graeco-oriental world at Alexander's succession
2. The beginning of Alexander's reign: the revolt of Thebes
3. The conquest of the western provinces of the Persian Empire
4. The conquest of the eastern provinces and the end of the Asian campaign
Part II: The Different 'Faces' Of Alexander
5. The king of the Macedonians
6. The hegemon of the Greeks
7. The successor to the Achaemenids
8. The son of Zeus
Part III: Alexander The Man
9. Youth and upbringing
10. Alexander's personality
11. Light and shade
Part IV: The Legacy Of Alexander
12. Alexander's empire: a fragile construction
13. The invention of a new type of monarchy
14. The birth of a 'new world'
15. The Hellenisation of the East, and its limits
Part V: Alexander The Mythical Hero
16. The image of Alexander in the ancient world
17. The medieval Alexander
18. The image of Alexander in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century France
19. The historians and Alexander's image
20. From The Alexander Romance to novels about Alexander
Alexander's principal Companions
The succession of the Achaemenid kings
Supplementary Bibliography
Translator's Note

About the Author

Claude Mossé is Emeritus Professor at the University of Paris VIII.


Engaging - espcially her final account of Alexander's continual reinterpretation in the medieval and contemporary European worlds … Janet Lloyd offers another of her customarily reliable translations … the result is something far better than the usual rehash of Alexander's life and legacy.