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Agriculture and the Land

Richard Jefferies' Essays and Letters

Edited by Rebecca Welshman

Hardback (Forthcoming)

A collection of articles and letters by Richard Jefferies on agriculture and social change

This book brings together previously uncollected essays on the changing conditions of agriculture and rural life in the 1870s and 1880s. These items, many of which are unknown to researchers, were first published in leading periodicals of the time and offer new insight into the trajectory and timeframe of Jefferies’ career. The material offers fresh perspectives on the economics and politics of agriculture, the condition of the agricultural labourer, the use of steam power, the land question, education and changing farming practices.

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Notes on Periodicals

Drought and Water, Pall Mall Gazette, 28 June 1870

Farmers at Bay, Pall Mall Gazette, 8 February 1871

The Old Sporting Man, Pall Mall Gazette, 1 February, 1872

The County Franchise, Pall Mall Gazette, 1 May 1872

The Rating of Personal Property, Standard, 23 May, 1872

The Poetry of Steam Ploughs, Graphic, 5 October 1872

The Wiltshire Labourer, The Times, 14 November 1872

Wiltshire Farmers and Labourers, The Times, 27 November 1872

The Future of Farming, The Times, 15 October 1873

The Farmer from his own Point of View, Pall Mall Gazette, 23 April, 1874

The Power of the Farmers, Fortnightly Review 1 June 1874

Patchwork Agriculture, Examiner, July 1875

The Cost of Agricultural Labour in 1875, Standard, 1 October 1875

Local Taxation, Standard, 29 December 1875

The Spirit of Modern Agriculture, New Quarterly Magazine, July 1876

Joint-stock Agriculture, Pall Mall Gazette, 16 March 1877

The Landowners’ Difficulties, Pall Mall Gazette, 29 March 1877

The Agricultural Labourer’s Vote, Pall Mall Gazette, 24 May 1877

Unequal Agriculture, Fraser’s Magazine, May 1877

The Prospects of Farming, Pall Mall Gazette 19, 23 July 1877

Milk Supply, Pall Mall Gazette, 26 December 1877

The State of Farming, St. James’ Gazette, August 1881

Steam on Common Roads, Standard, 13 September 1881

The Preservation of Game in England, St. James’ Gazette, 25 October, 1881

The Beauty of the Fields, Magazine of Art, December 1881

The Wiltshire Labourer, Longmans Magazine, November 1883

One of the New Voters, Manchester Guardian, 24, 31 January 1885


About the Author

Dr Rebecca Welshman is Honorary Fellow of a research centre for reading at the University of Liverpool. Her work was published in several key journals in Victorian studies and environmental humanities.

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