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Affects, Actions and Passions in Spinoza

The Unity of Body and Mind

Chantal Jaquet
Translated by Tatiana Reznichenko

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A new analysis of the mind/body relationship based on the philosophy of Spinoza

It is widely recognised that Spinoza put an end to the Cartesian dualism of body and mind by thinking through the possibility of their unity. Revisiting this generally accepted notion of psychophysical parallelism in Spinoza, Chantal Jaquet offers a new analysis of the relation between body and mind. Using an original methodology, she analyses their unity in action through the affects that bring together a body's affection and the idea of this affection.

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1. The Nature of the Union of Mind and Body in Spinoza
2. Spinoza's Break with Descartes Regarding the Affects in Ethics III
3. The Different Origins of the Affects in the Preface to the Theological-Political Treatise and in the Ethics
4. The Definition of Affect in Ethics III
5. Variations of the Mixed Discourse

About the Author

Chantal Jaquet is Professor of Philosophy at the Université Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne. She is the author of numerous books on Spinoza. This book was published in French as, L'unité du corps et de l'esprit. Affects, actions et passions chez Spinoza, by Presses Universitaires de France (PUF) in 2004 and in 2015. It has already been translated into Spanish, Portugese and Italian.


The discussion is technical but rewarding … The volume is the first in the Spinoza Studies series, which is intended to make the work of Continental scholars available in English. This first volume bodes well. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty.

- C. A. Colmo, Dominican University, Choice

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