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Advanced Media Arabic

El Mustapha Lahlali

Edition: 2

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Your one-stop guide to Arabic media language

Do you want to develop, enhance and refine your Arabic media language, translation and analytical skills? Then this is the book for you. It gives you a broad range of exercises on reading comprehension, speaking, writing and listening, based on a wide variety of media texts and audio materials. You can also equip yourself with journalistic skills such as giving presentations and writing media articles.

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Module 1: Diplomacyالفصل الأول: الدبلوماسية

Module 2: Electionsالفصل الثاني: الانتخابات

Module 3: Violence and Anarchyالفصل الثالث: العنف والفوضى

Module 4: War and Military Action الفصل الرابع: الحرب والعمليات العسكرية

Module 5: Economy الفصل الخامس: الاقتصاد

Module 6: Law and Order الفصل السادس: القانون

Module 7: Trade and Idustryالفصل السابع: الصناعة والتجارة

Module 8: Reports on Language and Culture الفصل الثامن: تقارير عن اللغة والثقافة

Module 9: Natural Disastersالفصل التاسع: الكوارث الطبيعية

Module 10: Revolutions الفصل العاشر: الثورات

Module 11: "War on Terrorism" الفصل الحادي عشر: "الحرب على الارهاب"

Module 12: Radio and TV extracts الفصل الثاني عشر: مقتبسات إذاعية وتلفزيونية 

About the Author

El Mustapha Lahlali is an Associate Professor and Director of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Leeds. His research interest is on Translation, Discourse Analysis, Arab Media and Society and Classroom Discourse.

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