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Academic General Practice in the UK Medical Schools, 1948–2000

A Short History

Edited by John Howie, Michael Whitfield

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The first collective record of the evolution of general medical practice as an academic discipline over half a century

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1 The University of Aberdeen
Lewis Ritchie and John Howie
2 The University of Dundee
James Knox and Frank Sullivan
3 The University of Edinburgh
John Howie and David Weller
4 The University of Glasgow
David Hannay and Graham Watt
5 The Cardiff University School of Medicine
Nigel Stott and Chris Butler
6 Academic General Practice in Ireland
Tom O'Dowd and colleagues
7 The University of Birmingham
Michael Drury and Richard Hobbs
8 The University of Bristol
Michael Whitfield and Debbie Sharp
9 The University of Cambridge
Bob Berrington, John Perry, Nigel Oswald, Martin Roland, John Benson and Ann Louise Kinmonth
10 The University of Exeter
Denis Pereira Gray
11 The University of Leeds
John Wright and Conrad Harris
12 The University of Leicester
Robin Fraser
13 The University of Liverpool
Brian McGuinness, Ian Stanley and Christopher Dowrick
14 The University of Manchester
David Metcalfe and Carl Whitehouse
15 The University of Newcastle
John Walker and John Spencer
16 The University of Nottingham
Idris Williams
17 The University of Oxford
Godfrey Fowler
18 The University of Sheffield
David Hannay and Nigel Mathers
19 The University of Southampton
George Freeman, John Bain and Tony Kendrick
20 The London Medical Schools
Imperial College London
Charing Cross Hospital
Westminster Hospital
Colin Leonard, George Freeman, James Scobie
St Mary's Hospital
Marshall Marinker, Conrad Harris, Andy Haines and Brian Jarman
King's College London School of Medicine
Guy's Hospital
Robert Smith and Donald Craig
King's College Hospital
Roger Higgs
St Thomas's Hospital
David Morrell and Roger Jones
Queen Mary College
St Bartholomew's Hospital
Paul Julian and Gen

About the Author

John Howie is Emeritus Professor in the University of Edinburgh. He was Professor of General Practice in the University from 1980-2000 and lead author of The Mackenzie Report which EUP published in 1986.

Dr Michael Whitfield FRCGP, DPH, DCH was Senior Lecturer in General Practice in the University of Bristol from 1986 to 1997 and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine in the Medical University of Southern Africa from 1998 to 2000. His research interests were in respiratory infections and psychiatric disease.