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A Symposium on Slavoj Žižek: Faith and the Real

Paragraph Volume 24 Number 2

Edited by Edmond Wright

This volume of Paragraph represents the first collection of critical responses to be made to the work of Slavoj Žižek. It draws from a variety of engaged readers of his prolific output, judging it from philosophical, political, cultural and psychoanalytical viewpoints.


In Memoriam Elizabeth Wright, Wayne Barron
Introduction: Faith and the Real, Edmond Wright
Chance and Repetition in Kieslowski's Films, Slavoj Žižek
Enjoy!, Terry Eagleton
Has Oedipus Signed Off (or Struck Out)?: Žižek, Lacan and the Field of Cyberspace, Jerry Aline Flieger
‘There is no Other of the Other’ Symptoms of a Decline in Symbolic Faith, or, Žižek's Anti-capitalism, Jason Glynos
Absolute Freedom and Major Structural Change, Russell Grigg
Žižek, religion and ideology, Michael Moriarty
As If: Traversing the Fantasy in Žižek, Bran Nicol
Coming to America: Psychoanalytic Criticism in the Age of Žižek, Kenneth Reinhard

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