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A Substance-free Framework for Phonology

An Analysis of the Breton Dialect of Bothoa

Pavel Iosad

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An in-depth analysis of Breton using a modular framework for phonology

What is the relationship between phonetics and phonology? Are phonological features innate and universal, and do they have fixed phonetic correlates? These questions have recently received renewed prominence in theoretical debates, and this book explores them from a modular, substance-free perspective.

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1: Introduction

2: Conceptual foundations of substance-free phonology

3: Representational assumptions

4: Computational assumptions

5: Complexity and markedness in substance-free phonology

6: The Breton language

7: Segments and representations

8: Suprasegmental phonology

9: The phonology of vowels

10: The phonology of consonants: palatalization and gliding

11: Laryngeal phonology

12: Conclusion


About the Author

Dr Pavel Iosad is a Lecturer in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences at the University of Edinburgh.


Iosad breathes new life into the long-neglected art of whole-language phonological analysis whilst insightfully engaging with an impressively wide range of theoretical issues concerning phonological representations, derivations, and interfaces.

- Dr Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, University of Manchester

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