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A History of Scottish Women's Writing

Edited by Douglas Gifford, Dorothy McMillan

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This is the first comprehensive critical analysis of Scottish women's writing from its recoverable beginnings to the present day. Essays cover individual writers - such as Margaret Oliphant, Nan Shepherd, Muriel Spark and Liz Lochhead - as well as groups of writers or kinds of writing - such as women poets and dramatists, or Gaelic writing and the legacy of the Kailyard. In addition to poetry, drama and fiction, a varied body of non-fiction writing is also covered, including diaries, memoirs, biography and autobiography, didactic and polemic writing, and popular and periodical writing for and by women.

About the Author

Douglas Gifford is a Professor of Scottish Literature at the University of Glasgow and Research Fellow in the Glasgow School of Scottish Studies.

Dorothy McMillan is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Glasgow.


The volume provides insightful and reasoned critical evaluations... the collection is comprehensive
This volume ... fills a long-standing gap.... The uniformly high standard of essays in this ambitious volume render it an extremely useful tool for anyone with an interest in either women's or Scottish writing. E
- lizabeth Hagglund, University of Birmingham
A real treasure-trove ... amazinglycomprehensive ... Wonderful