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A History of Scottish Medicine

Themes and Influences

Helen Dingwall


Great names, research and innovations, celebrated centres of medical training - Scotland has always been associated with medicine.

In this exciting book, Helen Dingwall introduces the history of Scottish medicine from earliest times to the present day. Offering a new synthesis of medicine and society in Scotland, she covers developments in medicine, surgery and alternative medicine in relation to the changing economic, social, political and religious background; discusses concepts of professionalism and institutionalisation; and assesses medical practitioners and patients in the general historical context.

This is the first comprehensive study of Scottish medicine to be written by a historian for over twenty years. Its breadth of coverage - given both the time span and the range of background factors considered - makes A History of Scottish Medicine invaluable reading for all those with an interest in this fascinating subject.


Part One: A Nation in the Making: Medicine in Scotland from Earliest Times to c.1500
1. Scotland and Scots before Scotland
2. Scottish Medicine in pre-Scotland Times
3. Medicine in Medieval Scotland
Part Two: A Nation Ascendant? Medicine in Scotland from c.1300-c.1800
4. Scotland and Scots in Scotland
5. Medicine in Early Modern Scotland
6. Medicine in Enlightenment Scotland
Part Three: A Nation Eclipsed? Medicine in Scotland from c.1800-2000
7. Scotland and Scots Beyond Scotland
8. Public Medicine in Public Scotland
9. Modern Medicine in Modern Scotland
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About the Author

Helen Dingwall is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Stirling.


A bold venture … The scope of the book is impressive - exploring medicine from the Dark Ages to the present day … A lively introduction to Scotland's medical history in its context.