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A History of Scottish Architecture

Miles Glendinning, Ranald MacInnes, Aonghus McKechnie

Paperback (Printed to Order)
At last - here is a single volume authoritative history of Scottish architecture. This compact yet comprehensive account combines factual description of the vast and fertile range of visual forms and key architects in each period with a wide-ranging analysis of their social, ideological and historical context. As Scotland has often been closely involved with new trends in western architecture, this book highlights the interaction of Scottish developments with broader European and international movements. From the beginnings of the Renaissance in the 15th century right up to the 1990s, this much-needed survey covers the entire post-medieval story in one volume.


Without apology, or the strident claims of the insecure, but instead with subtlety born of well-founded scholarship, it gives a clear picture of the distinctiveness of the Scottish excellent book...a milestone.
- Duncan MacMillan
Comprehensive,authoritative and weighty survey covering the period from 1500 to date,with a usefully up-to-date biographical index.Architecture Today.There is no other book that remotely compares with this outstandingachievement addressing Scottish archit
No previous book on Scottish architecture remotely compares with this outstanding achievement. It includes voluminous references, glossary, bibliography and a curious appendix which contains potted selective biographies of over 700 architects, offices and bu
For today's planners and architects, thisbook is likely to become a bible.Will Garrett, The Scottish Planner. Rarely have I come across a book backed by such painstaking and informative research. Coupled with excellent and extensive illustrations, the effe