A History of Military Occupation from 1792 to 1914

Peter M. R. Stirk

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The first comparative history of military occupation as a political phenomenon

An understanding of military occupation as a distinct phenomenon first emerged in the 18th century. This book shows how this understanding developed and the problems that the occupiers, the occupied, commentators and the courts encountered.

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Introduction: From Conquest to Occupation
1. The Era of the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars
2. European Occupations before 1870
3. Military occupation and America: expansion and civil war
4. The Franco-German war and occupation of France
5. Codification of a Law of Occupation
6. Occupations to the Eve of the First World War
7. Occupations by the United States of America and the Spanish-American War
This book will be the benchmark text on military occupation since the French Revolution, and will be of significant interest to lawyers, political scientists and historians.
William E. Scheuerman, Indiana University Bloomington
Peter M. R. Stirk is Senior Lecturer in Politics at Durham University. His publications include The Politics of Military Occupation (Edinburgh University Press, 2009) and Twentieth-Century German Political Thought (Edinburgh University Press, 2006).

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