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A Guide to Using Corpora for English Language Learners

Robert Poole

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Unlock the potential of corpus linguistics for language learning

This textbook will help you unlock and access the great potential of corpus linguistics for language learning. While other books discuss how instructors may implement corpora in the classroom, this book provides step-by-step illustrated examples to help learners, graduate students, and language instructors visualize and understand the potential of corpus linguistics for language learning. It guides you through the application of corpus searches for writing, vocabulary and cultural study and provides guidance on building your own corpus. The hands-on approach will strengthen your development into an autonomous language learner and help instructors learn to design and implement their own corpus activities. With tutorials on a range of popular and increasingly user-friendly corpora, it helps usher in a new era of corpus-aided language learning.

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Chapter 1: Learning the Essentials

Chapter 2: Corpus Searches for Vocabulary Learning

Chapter 3: Corpus Searches for Writing

Chapter 4: Corpus Searches for Cultural Study and Conversation Topics

Chapter 5: Building Your Own Corpus

Corpus Resources; Additional Readings; Glossary

About the Author

Robert Poole is Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL at the University of Alabama. He has taught English in Nicaragua and South Korea as well as several language institutes in the US. His research focuses on corpus-aided approaches to language teaching and learning and corpus-aided discourse analysis.


A Guide to Using Corpora for English Language Learners is a great resource for students and teachers interested in using corpora for language learning. This handy guide is filled with interesting activities, clear examples and detailed instructions, including step by step screen shots for activities using online corpora.

- Professor Randi Reppen, Northern Arizona University

This is an exciting book about how to use a corpus of English. It carefully brings the reader through the steps of using the COCA interface, through which many corpora can be freely accessed online so once you have the book, you are ready to begin. You do not need any prior knowledge of corpora to read or use this book but by the end of it, you will feel empowered to use corpora as a language learning tool as well as a resource for the investigation of language. It has a store of tasks that will engage the reader and it offers opportunities for reflection and practice throughout. Robert Poole, the author of this book, has really done a great job and it is clear that he has such a passion for using corpora in his teaching. I think book will really bridge the gap between corpora and the classroom.

- Dr Anne O’Keeffe, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick

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