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A Guide to Mediating in Scotland

Edited by Ewan Malcolm, Fiona O'Donnell

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How mediation is being developed and used in a number of areas in Scotland today

A Guide to Mediating in Scotland maps the diverse mediation terrain in Scotland. It highlights the basic skills of a mediator and explores what works in different practice areas, looking at what they have in common and the differences between them. As a comparative guide to the different areas of mediation that are developing across Scotland, it gives an overview of the breadth and diversity of mediation, and an insight into the work of the Scottish Mediation Network.

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Author Biographies
1. Mediation in Scotland in 2008 – An Overview, John Sturrock
2. The Mediation Process, Eileen Schott
3. The Scottish Mediation Network and the Scottish Mediation Register, Ewan A Malcolm
4. Commercial Mediation, David Semple
5. Employment/Workplace Mediation, John Moffat
6. Informal Mediation Principles and In-house Mediation, Fiona O’Donnell
7. Mediation in a Health Service Setting, Deirdre Armstrong
8. Court Mediation, Marjorie Mantle
9. Environmental Mediation and the Scottish Planning Process, Roger Sidaway and Alistair G Stark
10. Neighbour/Community Mediation, Ian McDonough
11. Family Mediation, Rosanne Cubitt
12. Rights-based Conciliation/Disability Conciliation, Morag Steven
13. Peer Mediation in Schools, Carol Hope
14. Additional Support Needs Mediation, Morag Steven
Appendix 1. Code of Practice for Mediation in Scotland
Appendix 2. Resources.


The ideas and expertise contained in this impressive volume define and reflect the ultimate goal – to create a more peaceful and civil society – and deign to suggest a means for accomplishing that goal. In addition, the Guide, rather than contenting itself to chronicle some of the tremendous progress made in recent years to advance the Scottish use of mediation, contributes to the global discourse about mediation excellence.

- The Honorable Robert M Bell, Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals