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A Glossary of Corpus Linguistics

Paul Baker, Andrew Hardie, Tony McEnery

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This alphabetic guide provides definitions and discussion of key terms used in corpus linguistics. Corpus data is being used in a growing number of English and Linguistics departments which have no record of past research with corpus data. This is the first comprehensive glossary of the many specialist terms in corpus linguistics and will be useful for corpus linguists and non corpus linguists alike. Clearly written, by a team of experienced academics in the field, the glossary provides full coverage of both traditional and contemporary terminology. Entries are focused around the following broad groupings:
  • Important corpora
  • Key technical terms in the field
  • Key linguistic terms relevant to corpus-based research
  • Key statistical measures used in corpus linguistics
  • Key computer programme/retrieval systems used in the construction and exploitation of corpora
  • Standards applied within the field of corpus linguistics.

About the Author

Paul Baker is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University. He is co-author of A Glossary of Corpus Linguistics(2006) and commissioning editor for the journal Corpora.

Andrew Hardie is Research Fellow, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University.

Tony McEnery is Professor of English Language and Linguistics at Lancaster University. He is Editor of the journal Corpora.


There is value in this compilation: this information can be difficult to find for those not already aware of a corpus or tool's development.

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