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A Glossary of Applied Linguistics

Alan Davies

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Applied linguistics is understood to deal with language in use, particularly where institutions and interventions are involved. Written by a well-known applied linguist, this alphabetic guide provides definitions and discussion of key terms used in the field. The selection of items for the glossary offers a view of applied linguistics as an activity in its own right and therefore helps define it.

Key Features

  • An ideal companion to courses in Applied Linguistics, Language Studies, Language Education
  • Supplies numerous cross-references to related terms
  • Includes an introduction which provides an overview of the field
  • Considers the overlap between applied linguistics and related areas by indicating common terminology.

About the Author

Alan Davies is a long-term member of staff of the Department of Applied Linguistics in the University of Edinburgh. Now Emeritus Professor and Honorary Fellow, he is a former editor of the two journals Applied Linguistics and Language Testing and was for five years Director of the Language Testing Research Centre, University of Melbourne.

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