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A Global Force

War, Identities and Scotland's Diaspora

Edited by David Forsyth, Wendy Ugolini

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A comparative study of Scotland’s global military diaspora, focusing on the impact of the Great War

Between the 1820s and 1914 over two million people emigrated from Scotland, settling primarily in North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. One of the most distinctive ways in which the influence of the Scottish diaspora overseas expressed itself was the formation of military units which identified with Scotland.

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Foreword,Thomas M Devine
Introduction: A Global Force: War, Identities and Scotland’s Diaspora, David Forsyth and Wendy Ugolini
Part 1
1. Military Scotland in the age of proto-globalisation, c.1690 to c.1815, Andrew Mackillop
2. Forging Nationhood: Scottish imperial identity and the construction of nationhood in the Dominions, 1880-1914, Edward Spiers
3. The Scottish Soldier and Scotland 1914-1918, Hew Strachan
Part 2
4. Performing Scottishness in England: forming and dressing the London Scottish Volunteer Rifles
Stuart Allan
5. Canada, Military Scottishness, and the First World War, Jeff Noakes
6. “A military fervour akin to religious fanaticism”: Scottish military identity in the Australian Imperial Force, Craig Tibbitts
7. South Africa and Scotland in the First World War, Jonathan Hyslop
8. Ngāti Tūmatauenga and the Kilties: New Zealand’s ethnic military Traditions, Seán Brosnahan
9. Scottish Ethnic Associationalism, Military Identity and Diaspora Connections in the Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Centuries, Tanja Bueltmann
Notes on Contributors, Notes on Contributors.

About the Author

David Forsyth is a Principal Curator in the Scottish History and Archaeology Department, at National Museums Scotland. Along with Wendy Ugolini he has acted as Principal Investigator on the Royal Society of Edinburgh/Scottish Government Research Workshop of which this jointly-edited volume is the final output. In 2014 he co-curated the exhibition Common Cause: Commonwealth Scots and the Great War at the National Museum of Scotland, also co-authoring the book of the same name.

Wendy Ugolini is a lecturer in British History at the University of Edinburgh. She specialises in the role of war in identity formation and has published on ethnicities in Second World War Britain and diasporic military Scottishness. Her current research focuses on expressions of Welshness in England during the two world wars. She has been awarded the Ratcliff Prize (2009) and the RHS Gladstone History Book Prize (2012). She is the author of Experiencing War as the 'enemy other': Italian Scottish Experience in World War II in the Cultural History of Modern War series ( 2011).

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