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A Companion to Religious Studies and Theology

Edited by Helen Bond, Seth Kunin, J G Murphy


Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, New Religious Movements. Practical Theology or Systematic Theology. The Bible, the Philosophy of Religion, Psychological, Anthropological or Sociological theories. Whatever your interest, this Companion offers a comprehensive introduction to the subject areas of both Religious Studies and Theology in one inclusive volume.

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Part 1: Religious Studies
Section 1: Theories of Religion
1. The Theology of Religion (Douglas Davies)
2. Psychological and Phenomenological Theories of Religion (Seth D. Kunin)
3. Anthropological and Sociological Theories of Religion (Seth D. Kunin)
Section 2: Case Studies
1. Indigenous Traditions and Anthropological Theory (Seth D. Kunin)
2. Judaism (Seth D. Kunin)
3. Christianity (Douglas Davies)
4. Islam (Hugh Goddard)
5. Hinduism and Buddhism (Martin Mills)
6. New Religious Movements and the New Age (Matthew Wood)
7. Recent Trends in Religion (Michael Perko)
Part 2: Theology
Section 3: Biblical Studies
1. Ways of Reading the Bible (Paul Ellingworth)
2. Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Ken Aitken)
3. Introduction to the New Testament (Helen K. Bond)
Section 4: Practical Theology
1. What is Practical Theology (John Swinton)
Section 5: Systematic Theology
1. An Overview of Christian History (Henry Sefton)
2. Christology from the Apostolic Age to Chalcedon (Francesca Aran Murphy)
3. The Bases of Systematic Theology (Francesca Aran Murphy)
4. The Holy Spirit, Creeds and the Church (Francesca Aran Murphy)
5. Revelation and the Trinity (Francesca Aran Murphy)
Section 6: Philosophy of Religion
1. The Philosophy of Religion (Derek Cross).

About the Author

Helen Bond is Lecturer in New Testament Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Seth Kunin is Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Durham. He is author of Religion: The Modern Theories (EUP, 2003).

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