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A Companion to Environmental Thought

Peter Hay

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A Companion to Environmental Thought sets out to introduce the many strands of thought within the western environment movement. It provides a comprehensive overview of the complex and endlessly transforming state of western environmentalism, surveying the main strands of thought from the fields of politics, philosophy, religion, and economics. Peter Hay presents the major issues debated in these fields by environmentalists, and also by their opponents.

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About the Author

Peter Hay is a Reader in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Tasmania.


A very interesting companion to a wide variety of courses in environmental ethics, history, politics, and social theory in general.
a wide-ranging and thorough survey of many strands of environmental thought. This book will be valuable to the serious student approaching the subject for the first time and to the scholar, activist, or policymaker wishing to keep abreast of developments outside of their own fields of specialization. It will also serve as a very useful reference work for those of us engaged in this field.
- John M. Meyer
Peter Hay, a prominent Australian environmental thinker and an academic geographer, is immensely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, entertaining … He has covered a vast field from eco-feminism to environmental theology, environmental economics to environmental politics and far more … There is a really comprehensive and well-organised index, surely a crucial ingredient in any companion volume. Almost every authority and every topic I expected to find were included, as well as a few new ones. The bibliography too is enormous and is a treasure with some eleven hundred items … this is a most welcome addition to the literature. Even the most experienced and knowledgeable environmentalist will find something here to think about ... The book is a real treasure.
It is remarkably inclusive, clearly written, balanced and objective... it is an outstanding work.
- J. Donald Hughes, University of Denver, Colorado
I think it's an exceptional book in this area in terms of both breadth and depth.
- Warwick Fox, University of Central Lancashire