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9/11 and the Literature of Terror

Martin Randall

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Explores the fiction, poetry, theatre and cinema that have represented the 9/11 attacks

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Introduction: 'Eyewitnesses, Conspiracies & Baudrillard'
1. 'Beyond Belief': McEwan, DeLillo & 110 Stories
2. 'Total Malignancy, Militant Irony': Martin Amis, The Second Plane
3. 'You Know How It Ends': Metafiction & 9/11 in Windows on the World
4. 'A Wing And A Prayer': Simon Armitage, Out of the Blue
5. 'A Certain Blurring of the Facts': Man on Wire & 9/11
6. 'He Is Consoling, She Is Distraught': Men & Women & 9/11 in The Mercy Seat & The Guys
7. 'Everything Seemed To Mean Something': Signifying 9/11 in Don DeLillo's The Falling Man
Conclusion: 'I Am A Lover Of America'

About the Author

Martin Randall is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Gloucestershire. His PhD concerned the representation of the Holocaust in contemporary British fiction.

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