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101 Problems and Solutions in Historical Linguistics

A Workbook

Robert Blust

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A hands-on approach to historical linguistics, working through 101 problems in five different categories

This workbook guides students through 12 problems on the establishment of genetic relationship among languages, 24 problems on sound change, 35 problems on phonological reconstruction, 10 problems on internal reconstruction, and 20 problems on subgrouping.

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    Section 1 The Establishment of Genetic Relationship Among Languages

    Section 2 Sound Change

    Section 3 Phonological Reconstruction

    Section 4 Internal Reconstruction

    Section 5 Subgrouping

    Section 6 Solutions

    About the Author

    Robert Blust is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. Robert’s research and teaching focuses on historical linguistics, Austronesian linguistics and culture history and fieldwork.

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